Choosing Blinds: Vertical or Venetian?


If you are buying blinds for the first time, you may be wondering what the difference is between Vertical and Venetian Blinds – or you may just be wondering which are the best for your home or office.

Both types of blinds are ideal for situations where you need shade and privacy, but don’t want to lose too much light.

Vertical Blinds

These blinds hang vertically, meaning that they don’t catch dust, so require no cleaning. However, if pets or children do touch the fabric, most materials are now machine washable, and the Louvres can be washed.

The drawback with Vertical Blinds is that they take up space on the window sill, so you are unable to use the sill for plants or ornaments. Also, when they are pulled back, the stack still covers part of the window.

Paradise Chartreuse colour partially openvertical blinds in dining room

Vertical Blinds are now available in a variety of different fabrics – including Voile (to maximise light), modern colours, and textured or patterned fabrics to add interest.

close up of vertical blinds with red and cream pebble design

Vertical blinds made from pebbles rumba red fabric from Louvolite.

Vertical blinds treated with Pollergen

Vertical blinds treated with Pollergen for hayfever relief. Woodland Silver Birch design.

The fabrics are also available in a range of finishes. For example, blackout fabrics are great if you are looking for privacy or a good night’s sleep. Other options include fabrics treated for hayfever relief, fire-retardant fabrics and special sun control coatings to make an office or home environment much more comfortable in the Summer and Winter.

Use bright colours or alternate louvres to give a hip modern look to kitchens, whilst rich chenille and silk fabrics, give a glamorous effect to living and dining areas.

Kitchen vertical blinds

Vertical blinds with alternating colour louvres made from Louvolite's Paradise Chartreuse and Paradise Silver fabric

Vertical blinds with alternating colour louvres made from Louvolite’s Paradise Chartreuse and Paradise Silver fabric

Bronze vertical blinds in the living room

Zephyr bronze vertical blind fabric from Louvolite

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are available in Wood or Aluminium.

Venetian blinds have slats which can be angled to allow the light in, closed completely,  or pulled up out of the way so that can see the view out of your window. They are pulled up to the top of the window, whereas vertical blinds would be pulled to the side of the window when fully opened.

The drawback with venetian blinds is that being horizontal, they catch the dust. It is advisable to clean them regularly with a feather duster or anti-static wipes.

Venetian blinds do not have a blackout option, although the addition of tapes to a wood blind will darken a room considerably, and give more privacy

Although you don’t get as large a choice as you do with the fabric in vertical blinds, you still have a fabulous range of colours and slat sizes to choose from to fit your decor.

Aluminium Venetians are so fine that when flat, they are very unobtrusive, whilst the wood blinds can be luxuriously thick.

Wood venetian blinds

Wood Venetian Blinds

Unlike Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds take up very little space on the window sill, which means there is room for photo frames or plants on the sill.

metallic venetian blinds

You can also get perfect fit Venetian blinds for uPVC windows – these move with the window or door when you open it. This saves the blinds being left swinging in the air, and is a very stylish and practical solution.

kitchen venetian blinds

Kitchen venetian blinds

Aluminium blinds in a simple white or grey will create a contemporary, minimal look for any room, or a pop of Orange or Teal will brighten up a dull room. Aluminum Venetian blinds can even have perforated or textured slats to add a modern twist to a classic room.

Turquoise kitchen diner venetian blinds

Wood slats are available in a beautiful range of natural wood colours, or painted in a choice of tasteful white and natural shades – or even vivid hot pinks and lime green.

They can be supplied with a contrasting or matching woven tape, to give a soft and stylish look to living areas.

Whether you choose Vertical or Venetian Blinds (or a different type of blind altogether!) at Cambridge Sunblinds we offer a completely free, no-obligation, measure and quotation service. The blinds are made by us in East Anglia – so we can offer a bespoke solution to your needs, cutting around skirting boards, making blinds to fit unusual shapes, and in any combination of colours to suit you.

If you’d like some general advice on what sort of blinds to choose, or if you want to look at samples, just book your free home visit.

Blinds for trianglular shaped window