Be Inspired By Bathroom Blinds

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Be Inspired by Bathroom Blinds: A Practical Solution and a Design Statement for Your Home

Your bathroom is usually a place to relax and unwind, washing away the day’s stresses, having a soak in the bath, and when you switch off, this is often the time when you get your best ideas, solve problems, or just forget about day to day life for a short while.

In this very private space bathroom blinds become very important for privacy, but the right design can also help create the right ambience.

What are the best blinds to choose for your bathroom?

On sunny days, blinds help keep the room cool. In winter they can help retain heat – the last thing you want is a chilly bathroom. As your bathroom will be fairly damp, with a build-up of steam, moisture-resistent fabric is recommended.

There are some very modern fabrics and fabric treatments available that repel moisture. These fabrics come in a range of colours. We have plenty of samples that we can show you when discussing your blinds.

The reason we visit your home (or commercial premises – we do commercial blinds, too) is that we can gauge the practicalities of each room and offer you advice, as well as taking measurements.

Popular bathroom blind choices:

Roller blinds are an excellent choice for a bathroom, being cost-effective and practical, as well as having a range of finishes. Roller blinds are easy to clean and offer full privacy when closed. They also have a blackout option that can block light.

Coral bathroom roller blinds

Coral Roller Blind made with fabric from Style Studio

Vertical blinds are fully adjustable, so offer excellent light and privacy control. No longer the preserve of offices, vertical blinds now come in a range of fabrics, patterns and colours. The colours can be alternated to create clever colour coordination.

close up of vertical blinds with red and cream pebble design

Vertical blinds made from pebbles rumba red fabric from Louvolite.

Venetian blinds can be closed to offer maximum privacy, raised for full light, and angled to let in as much or as little light as you like. Aluminium venetian blinds are durable and suit bathroom conditions. There are a wide range of colours and finishes, including plain, textured, patterned, perforated and metallic.

White venetian blinds

Venetian blinds offer fantastic light control.

Bathroom Blinds: traditional or modern?

Once you’ve established the type of blind you want to go for, there is a massive range of colours and designs to choose from, meaning that you will find the perfect match for your décor.

At Cambridge Sunblinds, our blinds are made in East Anglia and are measured and fitted by us, to save you time and make your life easier. This ensures a professional finish every time.

Get in touch to book your free in-home appointment – or read on for more tips:

Opulence or contemporary chic – you decide.

Handmade curtains add a touch of opulence to this bathroom

Handmade curtains add a touch of opulence to this bathroom. Fabric sourced from Clarke & Clarke

1 – Make a design statement

If you love a minimalist look in your bathroom, add a chic understated blind such as this moisture-repellant blind made using Ex-Lite fabric from Louvolite.

Slate coloured roller blind in minimalist look bathroom.

Bathroom roller blind made with Ex-lite fabric from Louvolite for moisture-resistence.

We use Louvolite fabric in many of our made to measure blinds.

These vertical blinds offer a similar effect, but with more texture:

Topaz charcoal vertical blinds in a modern bathroom

These charcoal vertical blinds are perfect in this modern bathroom

Colour is an ideal way to inject some personality. Add a yellow blind for an upbeat atmosphere – perfect for a bright start to the day, whereas blue tones create a calm, tranquil tone.

Close up of Citrine yellow designs on cream background

The bright Farrah Citrine design fabric used in this in handmade roller blind.

Choose a colour to reflect your style and personality.

In these pleated blinds, accents of blue add a calm note. If you have an awkward shaped space, pleated blinds are an excellent solution. Perfect fit blinds allow you to open and close a window without the blinds “flapping” in the air.

Causeway blue Perfect fit pleated bathroom blinds

Perfect fit pleated blinds give you flexibility in your bathroom and are excellent for unusual spaces or where you need to regularly open a window.

2 – Easy bathroom refresh

Add a blind as a quick way to update your bathroom without splashing out on new units. By adding a bright colour or pattern you can immediately freshen up the room.

Roller blind for the bathroom in bright red, yellow and green pattern on a cream background.

Roller blind made from Louvolite’s Regatta Sunny Day design fabric.

Co-ordinate the colour scheme with a couple of accessories to tone in with your new bathroom blind.

Lime coloured bathroom roller blind

A splash of lime adds zest to the décor! Atlantex asc Lime Roller Blind made with fabric from Style Studio.

Azzura aqua bathroom roller blinds: Blue green multi-coloured,

A stylish pattern creates interest.


3 – Create a sanctuary

The right bathroom blind (or curtain in some circumstances) can help to create a tranquil personal space where you can relax and unwind, adding a sense of wellbeing.

white pleated bathroom blinds

These pleated bathroom blinds are made with specially treated fabric to cope with bathroom conditions.

Ribbons asc White Vertical Blind made with fabric from Style Studio

A chic blind creates a calm environment.

4 – Bring the outside in

Love nature? These stylish bright and cheery bathroom blinds add a pop of colour to brighten up the space. A vibrant bathroom blind will ensure that on even the darkest days you can enjoy a bright space.

Vine and Butterfly Spring bathroom roller blind, green multi-coloured purple,

Let nature in, create a buzz! Vine and Butterfly Spring Roller BIind, made with fabric from Style Studio

Hydrangea Primrose Roller blind, Grey multi-coloured yellow, made with fabric from Style Studio roller blinds

Beautiful flowers liven up a room in these bathroom roller blinds.

5 – Made to measure

Whether you are looking for a blind for a bathroom, wet room, en-suite or WC, Cambridge Sunblinds has the answer. All blinds are made to measure, so you get a professional look and we ensure your blinds fit perfectly. We are an independent business, which means that we are not tied to any fabric supplier and can source from a huge range. As we make the blinds in East Anglia, we can cater to unusual shapes and sizes.

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