With Cambridge Sunblinds you have such a huge choice of fabrics that any type of room can be enhanced.

  • Handmade
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Massive fabric choice
  • Motorised option
  • Bespoke options include linings, poles, pelmets, tracks, tie-backs and matching soft furnishings

When you order handmade curtains from Cambridge Sunblinds, you can choose from a wide range of fabric suppliers. We are not tied to any one supplier and can show you fabric swatches in your own home, or we can source fabric for you if you have a particular design in mind.

Fabrics come in such a delightful range, including sophisticated neutral coloursvintage floral designs, large bold flowers, stripes or gingham fabrics in blues, pinks, orange and lemons. Favourite suppliers include Voyage, iLiv, Clarke and Clarke, and Prestigious Textile ranges, and include canvas and linen textured finishes and threads in silvers, golds and beads.

Our handmade curtains are quality-checked before they are fitted for you, and weighted to ensure that they hang superbly.

You can also choose a motorised option. Motorised curtains are becoming more and more popular and can save on wear and tear as well as making your life easier.

When you book your appointment we will visit you to measure your windows, discuss fabrics and designs and can also talk to you about any finishing touches such as tie-backs, pelmets and even curtain poles and tracks if you wish.

We can also make a range of matching soft furnishings.

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Product Summary

Example Price £404

Example Price for a 1.8m Patio door curtain with Pencil Pleat heading and standard lining: £404 – £900